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IoT security extended 'Beyond the Edge' to low complexity endpoints

IoT security for low power sensors and tiny IoT devices

with no need for hardware redesign or change in infrastructure

About Us

Our Team

Our team is composed of  technology experts passionate in developing and bringing to market innovative solutions.Our inventors are typical serial entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley: they co-founded a number of startups, including one that got acquired by Cisco.  One of them was named Cisco Fellow, the highest ranking engineering position there.  We are all seasoned professionals with extensive backgrounds in security, IoT, cellular and fixed wireless, networking systems and protocol design.

Our Mission & Market

We bring to market the only IoT security solution designed from the ground up to extend security to low complexity IoT endpoints without a need for hardware redesign or change in infrastructure.Gartner estimates that there will be 8.4 billion IoT connected devices in use by end of 2018, and that number will reach 20.4 billion by 2020.  The majority of these devices will be very affordable (and thus low complexity) IoT endpoints, powered by battery, and connected wirelessly to the network.We secure these endpoints by authenticating each endpoint and encrypting the data they capture, data which will become more and more critical to every aspects of our daily life in our increasingly more digital future.

Our Solution

StarDust™, our IoT security solution, extends security beyond gateways, which is where most "end-to-end" security solutions stop today, to include the smallest IoT endpoints.To secure these small, low-compute and low power endpoints, our software solution only takes a tiny footprint on the MPU/MCU (less than a KB!) and minimum power from the battery (a few nano amps).  We use the latest and most efficient cryptography designed for highly constrained environments (or you can roll your own) alongside our patented, low level (non-IP),  unframed protocol.  Unlike other endpoint security solutions, we do not require any hardware redesign or new security chip, reducing cost and design impact.  Our solution is highly scalable, flexible with users-changeable settings, and easy to implement, typically by your own IT team.   StarDust™ is agnostic to the IoT platforms and processors, wireless access technologies (e.g. BLE, ZigBee, WiFi, LoRa, Cellular IoT, etc.) and/or existing IP network or cloud infrastructure. 

Conferences and Events

MWC Americas '18, Sept. 12-14, L.A.

We were part of a Digital Transformation University panel discussion on "Security and IoT" moderated by Mike Krell @ James Brehm & Associates, with Loic Bonvarlet @ ARM, Tim Barber  @ ForgeRock and Shawn Davison @ DV Mobile 

Sensors Expo & Conference '18, July 26-28, San Jose

We were invited in a panel discussion on "Securing your IoT Solution" moderated by Carl Ford @ James Brehm & Associates, with Marco Ciaffi @ Dover Microsystems and Tom Burke @ OPC Foundation

Internet of Things World '18, May 14-17, Santa Clara

We delivered a presentation at IoT World on "Extending Security to Low Complexity Endpoints"

HardwareCon 2018, April 19-20, San Jose

We were part of a IoT Summit panel discussion on "IoT Trends for Future Hardware" moderated by Kristen Hanush @ Parks Associates, with David Shoop @ TiVo, Amit Rele @ NETGEAR, Quintin Anderson @ Thread Group and Granite River Labs and Zach Suppala @ Particle

1st Symposium on Securing the IoT, March 5-7, Burlingame

We presented a session on "Securing low complexity IoT sensors and endpoint devices"

IoT Forum, powered by the Telecom Council, Feb. 15 2018, Santa Clara

We presented iotaBEAM at the invitation of members of the IoT Forum at their IoT Security Innovations Review Q1 event


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iotaBEAM is proud to be named one of the "Top 20 Hot IoT Startups to Watch in 2018" by Network World

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